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Facts about the North Dakota Wind Energy Center

Business Relationships:
Project Ownership and Operation:
FPL Energy, Juno Beach, Florida
Power Purchaser: Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Local Cooperative: Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative
Transmission: Central Power Electric Cooperative/Western Area Power Authority

The Site:
About 2,700 acres
Each turbine takes up a space 50-feet square
Turbines are spaced from 1000 feet to 2500 feet apart in 8 turbine strings
All turbine row wiring is underground

Turbine Information:
Total Number:
Total Output (Capacity): 1.5 megawatts
Manufacturer: General Electric
Height: Completed 330 feet from base to tip of extended blade
Blades: 110 feet
Nacelle: (Where the generator is) 120,000 lbs. at 32 feet long x 12 feet wide x 15 feet high.

100 workers at various times on the project
Permanent: 3-4 jobs
Construction Contractor: Bids being finalized

Key Dates:
May 22, 2003
Construction Starts: End of May
Project Completion: Late Fall, 2003

Project Cost:
$40 million

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