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Mayor & Council

City Attorney Kim Radermacher
City Attorney Kim Radermacher

The operation of the City of Edgeley depends on these elected individuals dedicating much of their time to making sure that the local government provides necessarybasic services to its citizens. Along with making sure the streets are kept in good condition, the water system working properly, the Sanitary Sewer system working, the garbage hauled away, snowremoved, the community's buildings kept up, police & fire protection, the finances of the City kept in order, etc.; these leaders also have everyday lives with jobs, families and other duties. It is this dedication by individuals to our community which helps to make Edgeley a great place to live.


The Council consists of Spencer Isaacson, Todd Kosel, Cal Triepke, Brandon Ascheman, Gary Andrys, Rick Gutschmidt and Mayor Steve Powers.

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