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Ruth Evert Award

Ruth Evert
Ruth Evert
The Ruth Evert Award was established in 1994 by the Edgeley Public Library Board for the purpose of encouraging students of Edgeley High School to continue to participate in the Library Trainee Program.


This program began with Myrtle Bloedow and continued under the leadership of Ruth Evert for more than 25 years.  Ruth encouraged a love for books and a need

2012 Scholarship Award Winner Dakota Hoots
2012 Scholarship Award Winner Dakota Hoots
for library services and dedicated many years of hard work to the community of Edgeley and the State of North Dakota.

The recipient of this award must be a graduate of Edgeley High School and be a library trainee at the Edgeley Public Library and Edgeley High School/Elementary Media Center.  The recipient must have a minimum of 72 hours of library training, the majority

2012 Scholarship Award Winner Sonni Lagodinski
2012 Scholarship Award Winner Sonni Lagodinski
of which must be from the Edgeley Public Library.  The recipient must show good citizenship in and out of school and the library.


Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the Ruth Evert Award Fund may send it to:

Edgeley Public Library
Ruth Evert Award Fund
P.O. Box 218
Edgeley, ND  58433

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