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EHS Alumni Internet Warning!!

It's been brought to the attention of the Edgeley Alumni Association  that there is a website on the Internet called AlumniClass.com pretending to be the Edgeley Alumni's website.  THIS is NOT THE EDGELEY ALMUNI WEBSITE. The only website the Edgeley Alumni uses is the one you can find under www.edgeley.com .  The Edgeley Alumni does NOT charge anything to use their website and you don't have to register or pay any money on the edgeley.com website. 

This website looks very real.  It uses the old green and gold school colors and appears to be very legitamate, but just know its NOT THE EDGELEY ALUMNI behind it.  They don't have a clue who is behind this site.  They are selling EHS Merchandies and they also list people who are members when in fact, they are NOT members to entice you into registering.  If you choose to use this website, just know you are using it at your own risk. It is not affiliated with the Edgeley Website or the Edgeley Alumni in any way, shape or form.
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